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Grounded, balanced and thriving, we will change the world.

Coaching with Mazin

You envision a grounded, balanced and thriving life. One that allows you to share your special something with the world...

But there are some patterns, stories and stopping points that keep getting in the way, and they're starting to get familiar...

That's where I come in! I'm a life and leadership coach. Through powerful tools and a creative process of inquiry and action, we can maximize your personal and professional potential.

This work will bring you increased clarity and focus in your goals and dreams, and the vision you hold for your life.
The support provided will bring you more ease and grace in achieving them. 

I serve as a thought partner for your projects, and a presence of creativity, integration and solutions-orientation.


    I thought coaching wasn’t for me until I got curious about seeing my potential from an external perspective... Mazin’s vision is very empowering and clear with no pressure. I leave sessions full of excitement and energy!
    — Arturo Mendez, Mission Economic Development Agency, San Francisco, CA
    This was one of the most challenging years of my life and thanks to Mazin’s support, I was able to see my struggles as opportunities, observe my patterns, learn lessons, and transform.
    — Carolina Pissarro, Executive Director of Pio Pio, Reñaca Chile
    I left the first session feeling grounded and refocused, allowing things that I saw weren’t as important to fall away...
    — Rashmi Guttal, Yoga Instructor, San Jose, CA

    About Me & My Work

    Coaching with me means getting clear on who you are, what matters to you most, and the purpose you want to fulfill in life. It also means remembering to enjoy the ride, and celebrate the successes!

    This work will develop your resilience in the face of adversity and limiting beliefs, and increase your capacity to take authentic actions towards achieving your goals and living your dreams, consistently. This includes powerful tools to catalyze break-throughs in your productivity, sense of purpose and relationship with yourself. 

    Are we a fit? 

    I work with clients of many backgrounds and in various industries. The fit is less about what you do, and more about how you want to do it. My clients value creativity, community, personal growth, and social impact. Many of them are leaders, creative thinkers, community organizers, entrepreneurs and wellness practitioners. All of them envision an extraordinary life for themselves, and a better world for all. 

    I am rigorously trained through the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE), an Accredited Coach Training Program through the International Coaching Federation (ICF), PCC Certification in process. 

    Some useful distinctions:

    • Therapy is about healing the past; coaching is about action in the present and future.
    • Consulting prescribes expertise-based solutions; coaching puts your own wisdom into action.
    • Mentoring guides you based on a mentor’s wisdom; coaching guides you according to your own values and intentions.
    • Training follows a set curriculum toward set objectives; coaching reveals your own objectives and a path to fulfill them.


    I base my 2-session-per-month retainer fee on the following:

    • What will reflect the value you’ll receive?
    • What will give you more than your money’s worth?
    • What will honor a variety of situations? and
    • What will allow my work grow?

    With that in mind, I ask that you choose the tier that is an authentic stretch but not a hardship for you:

    • $140/month if it’s a stretch to be investing in this.
    • $180/month if you see you’re living comfortably.
    • $220/month if you’re flourishing financially.

    This includes unlimited text and email support. 


    Experiencing the deep sense of purpose, existential meaning, and recurring burnout of being an artist, teacher and activist, my desire to be as grounded and balanced as my incredible mentors lead me to explore holistic wellness and personal development for a sense of wholeness and integration.

    Seeing how art, social-justice and holistic health completed each other, I co-founded Holistic Underground, a community organization providing personal and professional development to leaders, creatives and change-agents. We gather and share tools, training and resources through the Allied Leadership Training for Embodied Resilience, and Organizational Development workshops and retreats, improving communication, self-care and interpersonal-allyship in organizations and teams. 


    I grew up between 3 continents and cultures. Getting on a plane to Sudan, California or Dubai to move or visit family usually came with a change in my race, class and connotations of gender and so much more. Questioning my identity began early, and it lead me to become a musician, a community organizer, a healer, a teacher, the list goes on... I've always answered "who am I?" through what I do as much as where I'm from. 

    When I was 15 years old, my mother drove herself to the hospital for a check up. 6 months later, she died due to medical malpractice. During this 6 months, my mother, a poet, speaker, activist and my best friend, could hardly write, and couldn't speak due to a breathing tube. But somehow, her hospital room was full with a sense of beauty... The doctors and nurses would always linger in there... 

    With her eyes, she would see me for who I truly was. She showered me with "you can achieve all of your dreams, you are whole and complete, you have all your own answers." And she did the same for everyone who entered that room. 

    This is how I discovered empowerment. This is why I am a coach. This was where I learned beyond doubt that your deepest challenges and greatest blessings can be one and the same. 

    My commitment is to provide support and empowerment to the leaders and change-agents around me. If this interests you, let's talk!


    Further Education and Experience

    B.A. International Relations
    San Francisco State University
    Focus on Social-Movements Theory and Constructivism

    Certificate in Holistic Health
    San Francisco State University
    Stress-reduction, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Embodiment

    Communication Trainer
    Holistic Underground
    2014 to Present

    Qi Qong & TCM
    Student of Sifu Bryant Fong
    2014 to Present

    Conflict Resolution Trainer
    Mosaic Project
    2012 to 2016

    Curriculum Designer
    ALTER program
    2015 to Present


    Skills and Interests

    Musician & Multi-Instrumentalist

    Reiki Practitioner

    Wedding Officiant

    Event Host and Emcee

    Workshop Facilitator

    Fluent in English and Arabic



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